Junta con Barack Obama y Concreto Ecológico de México

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Junta con Barack Obama y Concreto Ecológico de México

Amigos: Les compartimos el correo de la invitación para conocer a Barack Obama en la premiación del concurso.

Asunto: Urgente Mensaje de la Embajada de EUA- Eventos el Viernes

Dear Guests:

Thank you very much for taking time out on Friday morning, May 3 to join us for various events related to President Obama’s visit to Mexico.  You are a member of a very select group, as only 15 Mexican high-impact entrepreneurs were selected to join us for this event.

We are still trying to finalize details, but I wanted to inform you of the following:

1) Please disregard any email you may have received inviting you to the President’s speech.  The email indicated that you would have to pick up your invitations tomorrow, May 1. That is for the wider audience that was invited.  For you, we will give you your invitations on Friday morning in person.

2) We will meet on Friday at 7:45am at a location near the National Anthropology Museum.  The location is still to be determined.

3) Please plan on staying until noon. Due to security considerations, it will not be possible to attend just the entrepreneurs meeting.  You will have to attend both events.  Please note that while you wait for the President (between the speech and the roundtable), you will have an opportunity to share your experiences with very senior-level U.S. government officials.

4) Please confirm that you have received this email, and send me your cell phone number so that I may reach you on the day of the event.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  You can reach me by email or cell at ********



Science and Technology Counselor

US Embassy- Mexico City

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