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ECOCRETO®  is an additive that  mixed with cement, grain sized stone aggregate and water serves to make 100% permeable stone floors and concrete asphalt, letting the rainwater pass through them so it can infiltrate through the sub floor or recycling it.

Principal characteristics


ECOCRETO®  is a really similar material to the hydraulic concrete, but it is made without sand, which is changed for the additive, which augments its resistance to setting on a very considerable way. The result of the mix is a really manageable product, with no slump, easy to use and collocating, with a really high resistance to compression( more than 250 Kg/cm2 approximately) and a really good malleability (more then 40 kg/cm2 approximately, reaching the 90 Kg/cm2), it haves a really nice aspect, leaving a surface, also it is really comfortable to walk on it.
As an additional advantage, as it is a granular, without any sand, it lets the loads decompose at the first contact(it works on a really similar way of a tridilose), so that the load reaches the ground is a few grams spread over a large area, which prevents deformation of the land and the development of potholes.


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