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Constructive System


Technical information


Water is an essential element for living things, now being made strenuous efforts to raise awareness in the care of this vital liquid, as aquifers are being depleted.
Various sectors of society are making important contributions to the preservation of these garments, the industry for example, deals with the development of mechanisms and products that allow the recovery of rainwater allowing their reintegration into the environment.
Pervious concrete is a product that by its nature, not only maintains the aesthetics and environmental conditions, also allows the regeneration of the aquifers by seepage of water, making it real and permanent systems based on deep wells allow integration of the liquid into the ground, thus obtaining a high ecological value.
Our system also to permeate the water into the groundwater can also retrieve the water to lead to any extent required as a treatment plant, tank recovery, recovery gaps, etc. To reuse the water for irrigation and use of services.


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