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The ecological concrete, by its nature is a product that has many applications, providing not only an alternative use.
It helps the aesthetics of the environment therefore can be used in plazas, fountains, parks, bicycle paths.
It cares for the environment and preserve the development of marine organisms therefore can be used in artificial reefs, or as a surface finish of the docks, in addition to its use as a water driver.
It also provides great durability to works, thanks to its high resistance to bending and compression can therefore be used in walkways, sidewalks, main and intermediate roads, loading areas, parking lots, it doesn’t matter if the load is very high.


Recomendated thickness
Use Thickness
Roads with heavy traffic 15 cm
Loading areas and switchyards 15 cm
Medium traffic roadways 12 cm
Light traffic roads 10 cm
Light vehicular parking 8cm
Pedestrian walkways, sidewalks and concourses 8 cm


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